John C. Dvorak on the new Microsoft "Protection Racket"

"Obviously someone at Microsoft looked at the expense of [security patches] and asked, 'Is there any way we can make some money with all these patches?' The answer was 'Yeah, let's stop doing them and sell protection instead.' Bravo! And now the company has a new revenue stream."

Apple's Announcements

Apple's 3 big announcements this week were: the video iPod, TV shows available through the iTunes store, and the new iMac with "Front Row" media software.

The iPod is the least impressive announcement to me. I believe that Apple is on the verge of transforming the way we acquire TV programming and redefining how we enjoy it. It shouldn't be long before it will be commonplace for people to receive ALL of their TV content commercial-free through the computer. For as much TV as I watch, I would probably come out ahead with an à la carte system of buying what I want and get rid of my cable TV feed altogether. I say give it a year!