Sunscreen does not protect against skin cancer.

I've suspected this for some time. I've also heard anecdotal evidence that skin cancer is more prevalent the further you get from the equator. The potential reason? We need MORE time in the sun, not less. Hmm.


Quote Me:

Because of its seductive nature, people always assume that new technology is an improvement.


Get the inside scoop on an eBay scam artist.

This story demonstrates how careful you need to be on the Internet these days.


Iraq no longer for sale on eBay.

The seller ended the listing early because the item was lost or broken. From the eBay listing: "Regime free, completely demolished and ready for reconstruction. This country is for auction to a private owner because I just cannot afford paying higher taxes to support the 80-90 billion dollars in reconstruction costs. I will accept money orders only. Please no personal checks. Shipping internationally or domestically is out of the question. Feel free to email me with any questions. BONUS - Iraqi residents come free with purchase of country. Serious bidders only."


Internet Security Blanket.

There's special report on Internet security at BusinessWeek Online that makes a good read. Check it out for some background on viruses, spam, and some ideas for change.


Monkeys move in to Kenyan President's State House.

Don't feed the monkeys!

Very Big, Very Cool Picture of Isabel!

Thanks for the awesome picture NASA!


From the "Abuse Internet Infrastructure" department:

Verisign sets things up so that mis-typed URLs direct you to their advertising page. Bad Verisign!

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NASA crashing Galileo to avoid contaminating Europa.

Scientists believe bacteria may have survived fourteen years of radiation and extreme cold in space and are worried about contaminating Europa with life from Earth . One 108,000 mile-per-hour impact coming up!


Is it time to buy a Mac?

Gary Rogers suggests the time is right for friends and family to avoid the complications associated with buying a PC and make a Mac purchase instead. He believes that not only would they be better off for having done so, but (hopefully) they would discontinue the practice of asking him for free technical advice.

Internet License.

I don't think that requiring a license to use computers is practical, but have been proposing the idea for years to illustrate a point: that most people are unwilling to expend the effort to acquire even the most basic skills necessary to operate their computer responsibly. A recent article on Yahoo! News gives the subject fairly good treatment.


Update on the SCO debacle.

Linus Torvalds (Mr. Linux) accuses SCO of playing "the US legal system as a lottery" in an effort to recover from squandering the money made off their own Linux IPO. (Personally, I think this whole "SCO owns Linux" game was just designed to artificially inflate SCO stock so insiders could sell for a huge profit and abandon the sinking ship. Anyone out there selling SCO short? You're gonna get rich!)

First Post.

Welcome to my new web log. I manage my site with Dreamweaver, but I want to experiment with Blogger as a way to update my journal on a more regular basis. This will allow me to update the site from any computer with Internet access. The purpose for this web log (blog, journal, or whatever you want to call it) is to record stuff that I think is interesting. Stay tuned--there's more to come.