I was Panther; I stalked the night.
My prey were many, with fierceness did I kill.
My home, branches high in the jungle, none had seen.
Many were the weak who felt my terror.
Many the strong who had fallen to my tallons.
None escaped.

Then I saw it on a leaf. Dew.
A drop, so delicate and beautiful.
But I said, "I am Panther," and moved on.

The shining drop fell to my hide.
It swelled, filling me with... feeling. Strange.

I padded on through the jungle, but my eyes saw differently.
I do not understand. I am panther!

Then came men. They were my friends!
Could they not see my great power?
What strange magic hid my sinuous strength from these men... and women.

I do not like living with them.
But this is my home now. I must like it.
I will make myself like it.

For years I lived, content, but not truly happy.

Then one day I came to a pond, and felt the urge to take a drink.
Down to four paws, I stretched over the water to drink.
And felt again the bristling of my fur, grown soft among men.
I saw my reflection in the water--Panther!

One tear welled deep inside, then fell from my eye into the water.
Once again I felt the fire burning deep inside.
The sleeper awakened!

I turned, feeling my growing strength, and padded down the path,
returning to my home.

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